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Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting May 9, 2019
1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce – Board Room


Board members introduced themselves and provided an overview of their career and background to what brings them to the board. 


Call to Order – 


Board Present – Akasha Absher, John Kechriotis, Mark Goodman, Theresa Peña, Angela Cobian, Stephen Kurtz, Councilman Chris Herndon 


Absent – none 


Denver College Success Fund Overview 


Dionne Williams from the Office of Children’s Affairs provided an overview of the role the City plays in supporting the startup of the new board. Dionne also discussed the ordinance expectations and board terms. 

Charles Dukes from the Office of Children’s Affairs reviewed the draft timeline provided by the non-profit organizations that convened before the implementation of the Denver College Success Corporation Board. 


Action Items:


Seating of New Cabinet Positions 

Peña nominated Kurtz as Board Chair, John seconded 

Cobian requested for Kurtz to provide a background regarding Kurtz’s interest in serving as the Board Chair Board unanimously approved 

Kurtz nominated Peña as Board Vice Chair, Kechriotis seconded 

Peña provided a background regarding her interest in serving as the Vice Chair Board unanimously approved 

Kechriotis nominated Goodman as Board Treasurer. Absher seconded Board unanimously approved 

Absher recommended Cobian as Board Secretary, Kechriotis seconded Board unanimously approved 


Meeting Dates, Times and, Locations :

Absher recommended sending a Google survey to find a date and time that works best for the group Kurtz noted the importance of the work may require the Board to meet weekly for the next two months. The date and time of the upcoming meeting will be based on the responses from the Google survey 


Information and Discussion Items: 


Dukes and Williams provided the Board with an overview of the resources provided by the Transitions Board. Dukes and Williams noted that the materials are examples and models for the Board to use not the final documents required for the Board to adopt formally. 


Goodman asked if the Board is under the same rule other Boards are under regarding public meetings. Kechriotis added by asking about the connection to the open records status and legal expectations. 

Herndon noted that the Board is under both public meeting and open record expectation and provided details regarding the statute. 


Williams agrees that the Board is under the same public meeting expectations. 

Absher asked about the term limits and if the Board can appoint new Board members after the limits expire or if Board member resigns from the seat. 


Williams noted that the Mayor appoints the members of the Board. However, the Board can provide a list of recommended candidates for the Mayor’s review if desired. 


Goodman noted the importance of the Board to be thoughtful regarding meeting spaces and potential office space for the new organization due to the limited amount of funds that can be used for administrative cost.


Kechriotis agreed and added the importance of having meetings at public locations.

Peña stated that the Denver Preschool Program and the Daniels Fund have available meeting spaces.

Absher and Cobian both noted they could help find meeting locations at their respective organizations if needed.


Cobian recommended that she should resign being the Board secretary due to increased responsibilities at her work Kechriotis made a motion for the Board to approved Cobian’s resignation

Peña Seconded

Board unanimously approved

Cobian nominated Absher as the new Board secretary. Kechriotis seconded

Board unanimously approved


Kurtz noted that for the sake of time, the Board should complete the Google Survey for a meeting next week, and during the meeting, the Board can finalize the meeting dates and time.


Herndon noted the importance for the Board to review the potential list of priorities and determine which priorities they feel comfortable addressing.


Kurtz noted that the next meeting should be a half day retreat/working meeting to review the priorities and create a short-term business plan.


Kurtz motioned to adjourn Kechriotis seconded


Board unanimously approved Upcoming Priorities- Dionne

Other Items: none

Public Comment:  Theresa Ivancovich (DEAN)

Adjourn- 3:00 p.m.

May 16, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting May 16, 2019
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Rose Community Foundation



Call to Order - SK 


Board Members: Steve Kurtz, Angela Cobian, Chris Herndon, Mark Goodman (phone), Akasha Absher, Theresa Pena, John Kechriotis 

City Representatives: Charles Dukes and the City’s attorney 

Public: No attendees  



Open Records Act Information: JK  

  • Colorado Sunshine Laws – state version 

  • Open Meetings/Records - Conducting business for the purpose of organization public business (3 or more people), in person, conference call, email (electronic methods) 

  • Let the public know at minimum 24 hours in advance 

  • Exceptions that constitute Executive Session– receiving legal advice from your attorney, contract negotiations (bank, attorney, lease for office space, etc.) The  Executive Session must be recorded in the same fashion as the Open Meeting unless the attorney that is representing you is at the meeting and attests to the exceptions are held up 

  • Acquisition of properties 

  • Personnel Matters 

  • Social Gatherings do not fall under the open meetings act by chance (no decision –making) 

  • Emails  

  • Work product emails are under security – open to a records request act 

  • Recommendation: create a file for this Board and put all emails in there 

  • Charles will continue to post on the city’s billboards. Can tailor the posts going forward as well. 


City Contract:

  • City reviewed a revised edit of the contract reviewed 5/14. Need to review one more time. However, there are portions of the city contract that lives in different departments (i.e. budgets, risk management, etc.) 

  • 6 weeks to get contract approved by City Council 

  • Timeline for the draft contract depending on feedback from other agencies won’t be longer than the end of this month 

  • Trey Rogers provided a modified DPP contract, the city cleaned up the contract and there hasn’t been any back and forth. City attorney did the draft to make sure it reflects the ballot language 

  • JK: Working retaining an attorney, below are candidates: 

  • Trey Rogers previous attorney is interested in working DCSC (new Board) 

  • Scope: completing contract, 501c3 filing, employment agreement, lease agreement, etc. and advising the Board legal matters 

  • Trey provided a proposal and discounted rates 

  • Cole Finnegan – Hogan, unavailable/decline 

  • Brownstein –  Awaiting 

  • Chantell Taylor – Awaiting 


RFP Process:

  • DCSC does not have to mirror the city’s process 

  • Follow the law and not discriminate, and want to be conscious that we have a transparent process 


Ballot Changes discussion:

  • After 6 mos., DCSC can ask for changes to the ballot issue. Mid to the end of this year, do an amendment. 

  • Potentially, change definitions in the ballot around what can be covered in the 5%  

  • Change regionally accredited in the ballot to accredited – Ballot page 9 


Process for Criteria for Reimbursement:

  • Clients – Nonprofit Organizations Applicants (NOA) 

  • August – December, make sure they are collecting the right data (July might need to have the process) 

  • SK – DCSC should embark on a  listening tour – establish Best Practices for evaluating scholarships 


Executive Director Search:

  • AC, AA and TP will create a subcommittee to create ED job description, evaluate search consultants and bring a recommendation to the Board. 

  • TP will get bids back from Kate Tierney, Carolyn McCormick, and DHR as search consultants 

  • AC – DCSC should evaluate competencies and KSMs – in connection to the job description –  

  • AA in parallel will talk with some of the grantees what they might like to see in a ED 


Banking Partners Update - MG 

  • Reached out to Chase, Bellco Credit Union, Alpine, Wells, UMB 

  • Bellco CU will be pro bono for fees, fits within wat there foundation 

  • Built in mechanism for a line of credit 

  • MG will bring a recommendation to the Board   


Evaluation Assessment 

  • Do Denver Kids actually stay in Denver? 

  • Good paying jobs in Denver, and elsewhere 

  • Colleges are partnering with the nonprofit organizations  


Action Items  

  1. Law Firm Recommendation: MG, JK 

  1. Meeting date/time coordination:  Akasha Absher 

  1. Temporary Office/Meeting Space:  Theresa Pena 

  1. Contract with City of Denver:  John & Chris Herndon 

  1. Accounting -Interim accountant? Audit Firm:  Mark 

  1. Executive Director, Search Firm, Job Description, Process:  Theresa 

  1. Insurance: D&O, Benefits, and Liability:  Mark 

  1. Identify Organizations DCSC will serve:  Theresa 

  1. Staffing needs; data specialist and admin 

  1. Banking: Mark 

  1. Technical support provider 

  1. Application for reimbursement of scholarships and wrap around expenses: Mark, Akasha 

  1. Policy development for reimbursement of scholarships and wrap around expenses: Mark, Akasha 

  1. Web Site development and web-based management and data collection 

  1. Sales Tax Collections     


Next Meeting:  

  • June 5, 2018 

Public Comment - None 


Executive Session - None 



June 5, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting
8-10 am.
Denver Preschool Program Offices

305 Park Ave W B, Denver, Colorado 80204 June 5, 2019


Board Members: Steve Kurtz, Angela Cobian, Chris Herndon, Mark Goodman, Akasha Absher 

Attorney: Trey Rodgers  

City Representatives: Dionne Williams 

Public: No attendees  


Call to Order: SK called the meeting to order  


Overview - SK 

Questions/Thoughts to for the Board to consider:

  • Is DCSC an educational organization? Or is it just a funder and capacity builder for people/organizations to get scholarship funding. 

  • DCSC is dispersing money from the city to nonprofit scholarship organizations and may or may not provide them with better tools and systems to deploy those scholarships depending on what the Board decides 

  • It is the Board’s responsibility to create a clear vision for the next  8 -10 years, establish goals and decide whether the organization wants to capacity build 

  • As far as outcomes, the Board should think about outcomes such as improving the lives of people that would not have had an opportunity? As well as potentially improving the workforce in Denver? 

  • These goals and vision for outcomes will help the Board determine how it is going to operate, and what type of staff the organization will need in the long-term? 

  • July 10th meeting will be the  vision meeting led by Angela 

  • This meeting will focus on the immediate needs of DCSC such as: 

  • Hire an attorney 

  • Move the contract forward 

  • Establish goals for  the next few weeks 


Executive Director Discussion – AC, AA  

  • The Sub Committee of the Board (Theresa, Akasha and Angela) met and did some research on search firms and created an executive director job description. The question arose that the Sub Committee opened for discussion: 

  •  Does the Board want to find an Interim Executive Director or interim operations person instead of hiring a more permanent ED? 

  • SK: an interim operations person  is a good option, thinks a search is expensive and after the vision and mission is set by the Board 

  • MG: wanted some clarification on operations person, needs some higher level thinking 

  • AA: clarified that the Committee was think more of a COO. 

  •  SK: a COO is a good option can be boots on the ground and also handle some of the community issues 

  • MG: highlighted SK’s comments earlier- what we end up becoming over time, at the moment the spirit and intent from the voters is that DCSC is a clearinghouse, and therefore may not need a visionary Executive Director, there is the possibility of just needing a COO for the next 1 year or 2 year.   

  • MG: A loaned Executive is still a possibility, and admin process (pro bono) 

  • Board Consensus is to hire a COO/Operations type person in the interim, timeline to be defined (start with at least 9 mos). 

  • Action Items (Sub Committee) 

  • Create a job description 

  • Email to Board to send resumes 

  • Put the word out to other organizations that we are pursuing – design a email to send the organizations  

  • TP let know the search firms we are postponing the search indefinitely 

  • Sub Committee will vet resumes and bring 3 candidates to the Board  


Law Firm Recommendation – MG 

  • MG recommends Trey Rogers  

  • Experienced attorney with 22 years in law 

  • experience in nonprofits 

  • Trey has worked with the interim Board and began the initial drafting of the contract with the City 

  • He has relationships with City Attorney’s office 

  • Trey has a passion for this work he believes education has been historically a public good and Tabor has hurt the states’ ability to fund higher education 

  • History with DCSC – TR 

  • Involvement started a year and half ago, worked with DMCC and Lorii Rabinowitz to take the 2015 initiative and make changes to help it get approve. Worked throughout the campaign 

  • after passage, in early Dec had a meeting with City Attorney’s office to move this forward, a lot of work needed to get done in a year to get things started in 2020 and the interested parties didn’t want to wait till the mayor appointed the Board so an interim Board was selected to: 

  • crafting articles and bylaws 

  • drafting an initial  contract with the city 

  • put together timeline to help the appointed Board  

  • SK opened for questions about hiring Trey Rogers 

  • AC asked about any conflicts? 

  • Trey Rogers disclosed  he and his firm does some work for DSF but it  should not be a conflict since it is not part of the decision-making for scholarships 

  • Contract Details:  monthly retainer legal fee, ideally a 12mos contract 

  • MG: motion to engage Trey as legal counsel, AA second, no discussion, Motion Carried 


Contract Update - DW 

  • Controller Officers of the City is in possession of the contract (last piece), draft close to be done. City is in the process of budget which has slowed the process.  


Accounting/Audit Firm Discussion- MG 

  • Recommends Anton Collins and Mitchell 

  • The firm will provide start up accounting, record keeping, also offer payroll services,  and can also help with financial modeling 

  • ACM currently works for the city and county of Denver (Auditor of the Zoo) so familiar with the Auditors office 

  • MG: Motion to hire ACM, SK: Second, Motion Carried 


Insurance Firm Discussion - MG 

  • Recommends Lockton (Jason Maples) as insurance provider 

  • The firm has worked with many nonprofits on many levels of insurance and benefits works 

  • SK recommends that MG bring back to the Board specific proposals on insurance services and the Board will review those proposals 


Banking Relationship - MG 

  • Recommends UMB Bank (Malcom Evans)  

  • The firm works with the city in a few different capacities 

  • Accounts - no fees, will provide line of credit, offered conference rooms for meetings. 

  • The firm will help to provide financial modeling as it relates to projecting sales tax revenue since they work with City and County of Denver.  

  • Malcom is Chairman of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce 

  • Motion MG, CH: Second, approved, Motion Carried  


Sales Tax Collections Update - SK  

  • SK met with Brendan Hanlon to discuss the discrepancy in the sales tax numbers $14 vs $12 million  

  • TR: In the first draft of the ordinance, there was a different definition of sales tax (same sales tax base of DPP), the difference is that  excludes food beverage and auto rental  

  • In addition, the city has seen a softening in sales tax revenue  

  • Brendan will update the forecast for 2019  

  • SK: If we $12mn - $1.2 is administrative, $10.8 spend (scholarships and wrap around), it will be hard for DCSC to fund $10mn of scholarships for 2019. This will allow the organization to start a reserve. 


Technical support provider: SK  

  • Reviewed part of Metrix IQ’s proposal, met with the company and think the organization has a unique experience that the Board should consider 

  • Scope of Work - start to do a number of different operating models (detailed financial projections, stress test the budgets based on discussion with the City  

  • develop policies with regards to reimbursement  

  • Metrix IQ has proposed $25,000 - not to exceed  based on hourly rate for the project 

  • Question to consider are whether DCSC should keep the data of the scholarship recipients?  

  • Metro IQ - will bring recommendations for what systems we might need? 

  • MG: before I would support moving forward, we have a coordination of services with the bank, auditor, etc. and want to make sure the organization is not paying for things they already have in other providers 

  • Action Item: SK and MG will coordinate the services and tie it into the Metro IQ data  


New Business:

  • Next Steps: Form 1023 filed and the 501c3 and finalize articles of incorporation and bylaws 

  • Action Item: Board needs to review the Bylaws 

Future Meetings:

  • June 12, 2019 DDP Offices 8am  

  • July 10th Meeting Focus-Angela 


Public Comment - None 


Executive Session - None 



June 12, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting
8-10 am.
Denver Preschool Program Offices

305 Park Ave WB Denver, Colorado 80204

June 12, 2019



Call to Order


Board Members: Akasha Absher, Angela Cobian (phone), John Kechriotis Steve Kurtz, Theresa Peña

Absent:  Chris Herndon, Mark Goodman

Attorney: Trey Rodgers  

City Representatives: No representatives 

Public: No attendees  


Review/Approval of Minutes:

  • May 16, 2019, and June 5, 2019 

  • Motion: TP, JK Second, Motion carries 

  • May 9 minutes will distributed next meeting for approval 


Executive Director, Search Firm, Job Description, Process:  TP, AC, AA 

  • Action Items and Timeline: 

  • Interim COO Job Description – 6/14 

  • TP will send email to send to partner organization with job descriptions – 6/17 

  • Board send the job description to networks -6/17 

  • Posting to the City’s website 

  • Interview Process: 

  • Rolling interviews 

  • Sub Committee – first interview 

  • Open to Board – second interview 

  • Full Board – third interview, executive session 

  • Preference to resumes received b/f Jul 15. 


Law Firm Update: MG, JK 

  • Trey Rogers firm chosen, reviewing Retainer agreement 


Accounting / Audit Firm Update: SK 

  • Anton Collins Mitchell (Greg Anton) chosen 

  • Reviewing capabilities and should have a recommendation to the Board next meeting. 


Banking:  UMB Bank: SK 

  • Reviewing account needs (Resolution, Articles, Contracts, etc.) 

  • SK & MG will create financial policies (internal controls) 


Contract with City of Denver:  TR  

  • Contract  draft received from the city on June 11, 2019 in the evening and will circulate to the Board  

  • Action Item: Board review contract for the next meeting, goal to get contract to the City in a few weeks. 


Tax Exemption Status  

  • TR will work with Anton Collins Mitchel to get the tax exempt status  


Timeline Goals:

  • Timeline below established to help the Board achieve the goal of distributions first awards on March 1, 2020 

Action Item                                     Completion/Due Date                             Responsibility

Interim Director                                  7/15/19                                                      Board

Contract w/City                                  7/15/19                                                      SK, TR

Vision & Mission                                 7/10/19                                                      AC    

Bank Accounts                                    Pending                                                    MG

Insurance:  D&O, etc                          6/19/19                                                     MG

Tax Exempt Status                                                                                                Legal & Audit

Technical Support                                                                                                 SK, TP

Operating & Financial Policies                                                                            MG, SK

Budget & Cash Flow                                                                                             MG, SK

Grant Application Form                                                                                        Board

Website Design & Launch                  7/15/19                                                     TP

DCSC Staffing                                      9/30/19                                                     Interim Director

PR & Marketing                                    9/30/19                                                     Interim Director

Scholarship Reimbursement Policy    9/30/19                                                     Board

Future Meetings:

  •   June 19, 2019

  •   cancel July 3, 2019

  • July 10, 2019:  DCSC Vision and Mission


Public Comment: None 

Executive Session:  None  


June 19, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation

Board Meeting Minutes
8:00 – 10:00 am
Denver Preschool Program Office

June 19, 2019



Board Members: Steve Kurtz, Mark Goodman, Theresa Peña, John Kechriotis (phone)

Absent: Akasha Absher, Angela Cobian, Chris Herndon
Attorney: Trey Rogers
City Representatives: No representatives

Public: Renae Bellew, Denver Scholarship Foundation

Review/Approval of Minutes from June 12, 2019

  • Motion: TP, 2nd: MG, motion approved


DCSC Board Member Reports:

Interim Director Search Process Update: Theresa Peña

  • The DCSC board members have received the final job description for an interim

    director and a draft email to send to their networks.

  • Charles Dukes, OCA, will post the job description on the OCA website.

  • Four individuals have submitted their resumes for consideration.

  • The hiring subcommittee will review resumes and begin scheduling interviews with

    candidates who best meet the skill/requirements for the position.

  • No action required from the DCSC Board.


Update on Contract with the City: Trey Rogers

  • Individual Board members have provided input to Trey on the DCSC bylaws that

    Trey has incorporated.

  • Trey recommended three changes to the Articles of Incorporation:

    •  Update the business address for Trey’s law firm

    • Move the “board composition” from by laws to Articles of Incorporation, per the preference of the City

    • Per 1023 tax requirements change the language so that if DCSC is dissolved the assets of the organization go to the City for “non-profit” purposes

  • Trey will provide red-line documents to the DCSC board prior to the meeting on

July 10th for review and approval.


Approval of DCSC Board Items:

  • Approval of legal contract with Recht Cornfeld & Trey Rogers Moved by TP and 2nd by MG, motion approved

  • Approval of accounting contract with ACM Moved by TP and 2nd by MG, motion approved

  • Approval of contract with MetrixIQ
    Moved by TP and 2nd by MG, motion approved

Executive Session:

Motion to go into executive session, per CRS24-6-402 for purpose of the DCSC Board to meet with their lawyer to seek legal advice on contracts.
Moved by TP and 2nd by MG, motion approved



Meeting adjourned at 9:25 am

July 10, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting
8-10 am.
Denver Preschool Program Offices

305 Park Ave WB Denver, Colorado 80204

July 10, 2019


The Denver College Success Board (DCSB) will meet to name high-level aspirations for the organization in the short and long term


  • Identify areas of consensus and tension in the aspirations for the organization within the short and long term as well as a direction for the role of the organization

  • Why?:

    • Will enable the board to focus future conversation that will inform the vision and

      mission of the organization

    • Direction re: aspirations and role of the organization in the broader landscape

    • Inform who we hire as the future Interim Director


  • Board stewardship to the ordinance

  • Less than 2 hour conversation

  • Board Conversation, with additional follow up to partner organizations and stakeholders after the meeting


Process/Agenda (84 min total):

  • Review purpose, outcomes, and parameters: 5 min

  • Introduction of Facilitator: 2 min

  • Determine Ways of Working/Agreements: 3 min

    • Use Community Garden

    • Keep time frames

    • Step Up, Step Back (self monitor talk-time and participation)

    • Anything else?

  • Review Public Narrative Framework 3 min

    • Marshall Ganz: Self, Us, Now

      • Who is Marshall Ganz?

      • Why are we using his framework?


IV. Self: Board Members as Public Leaders 10 minutes (2 min each pair, 8 min share out)

In partners, share the following. Partners will present each other to the group


Think about your personal journey to a post secondary pathway:
What did you do after high school? How did you get there? Who/What helped

you along the way? What impact did your post-secondary option(s) have on your leadership?


V. Us: Denver College Success Corporation: 18 min total

  • Directions: Consider the questions below

    • Individual reflection on sticky notes: 5 min

    • Groups of 3 and 4: 10 min

    • Place Sticky Notes on Chart Paper: 3 min

Place: What makes education, the community, and the workforce in Denver unique

Aspiration: As a result of DCSC, what will be true about students, partner organizations, community, and the workforce in...

  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years


DCSC Role: Which of the following resonates with you the most and why?

  • DCSC is a social impact financial institution

  • DCSC is an educational organization

  • DCSC is _____________.


VI. Now: Next Steps: 40 min total

  • Gallery Walk: 5 min

  • Group Discussion: 25 min

    • Where were areas of consensus?

    • Where were areas of tension?

  • Review Conclusions: 5 min

  • Determine Next Steps: 5 min

July 17, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting
8-10 am.
Denver Preschool Program Offices

305 Park Ave WB Denver, Colorado 80204

July 17, 2019

Call to Order


Board Members:  Steve Kurtz, Mark Goodman, Theresa Peña, Angela Cobian, Chris Herndon 

Absent: Akasha Absher, John Kechriotis 

Attorney:  Trey Rogers 

City Representatives:  Dionne Williams, Charles Dukes, Stephanie Adams, Julie Snyder, Joelle Weinstein, 

Public:  Lorii Rabinowitz, Denver Scholarship Foundation; Rob McDaniel, MetrixIQ 


Review/Approval of Minutes from May 9, 2019, June 12, 2019 & June 19, 2019 

  • AC motioned approval, MG 2nd, all approved 


DCSC Board Member Reports: 

Interim Director Search Process Update: Theresa Peña 

  • The hiring subcommittee has interviewed or is scheduled to interview (6) candidates through the July 19th and has 2nd round interviews scheduled for August 2nd with (3) candidates.   

  • The DCSC board has circulated the job description, has worked with two search firms who have shared with their candidates, and have shared with various networks for a wide distribution of the position. 

  • The subcommittee indicates that they believe the source pool has strong and diverse talent. 

  • No action required from the DCSC Board. 


Mission & Vision Follow Up:  Angela Cobian 

  • Angela will summarize the materials from the strategic planning session on July 10th into a DCSC board narrative that will inform: 

  • The hiring of the interim director 

  • The development of roles, goals and outcomes of the organization 

  • The outreach to partner organizations 

  • Angela will also contact members of the DCSC board for their input and update on the meeting. 

  • No action required from the DCSC Board. 


Update on Contract with the City:  Trey Rogers 

  • A meeting with DCSC, OCA and MetrixIQ and the City Attorney team is scheduled for July 22nd and all are hopeful that the final contract is near final DRAFT and will be resolved in the next two weeks.  The outstanding issues are: 

  • Resolution of data privacy and insurance requirements  

  • Trey will provide red-line documents to the DCSC board prior to the meeting on July 10th for review and approval. 

  • No action required from the DCSC Board. 

DCSC Budget Update: (see DCSC Admin Budget) 

  • MG presented the DRAFT budget prepared by MetrixIQ which are $511K for Year One, items that must still be updated in the budget include: 

  • Marketing, database management, start-up costs and program evaluation 

  • MetrixIQ is working on the program costs and sales and use forecast and will have DRAFT statements of both by the August 7th DCSC board meeting 

  • No action required from the DCSC Board. 



  • Stephanie Adams, Director of Budget and Management, discussed their role with the DCSC board. 

  • The Budget department will provide an annual proposed budget of sales use dollars allocated to DCSC every September and disbursement will be based on this allocation.  DCSC will receive 1/12 of this allocation monthly the following calendar year and any true up, relative to actual receipt of sales tax will be negotiated the subsequent calendar year. 

  • Projections for the 2019 DCSC September appropriations were $11.8M in September 2018 and have been revised to $11.5M in the final November 2018 budget passed by City Council. 

  • Growth rates slowed at the end of 2018 and 2019 projections were revised from 5.5% to 3.0%.   

  • The current budget proposal for 2020 is  $12M for DCSC but will not be official until the budget has been sent to City Council for their approval in November 2019 for the 2020 City Budget appropriations. 

  • The primary role and relationship with the City Budget Department and DCSC is to ensure strong fiscal controls are in place as well as to ensure compliance oversight.  The role of the department is to provide accurate financial analysis and disbursements to DCSC. 

  • Dionne Williams and Charles Dukes, Office of Children Affairs, discussed the role of their department with the DCSC board. 

  • The primary role of OCA is to have program oversight of DCSC relative to the ordinance requirements.   

  • OCA will serve as a consultant, an advisor and provide data on an as needed basis. 

  • OCA will not have a decision-making role in the work of the organization and the DCSC board. 


Executive Session: 

At 9:20 am a motion to go into executive session, per CRS24-6-402(3)(a)(v) for the purpose of the DCSC Board to meet with their lawyer to seek legal advice on negotiations with employees and receiving report on programs and instruction of negotiations was made by MB and 2nd by CH, all approved, motion passed. 

At 9:50 am the motion to leave executive session was made by MG and 2nd by CH, all approved, motion passed. 

New Business & Updates: 

  • Hold September 17th, late afternoon, for an informal get together of the DCSC Board and partners. 


 Next Meeting: 

  • Cancel July 24, 2019 and July 31, 2019 meetings

  • August 7, 2019, DPP Offices, 8-10 am

Other Items: 1) Next Meeting Date August 7th.


Public Comment: none

Adjourn:  meeting adjourned at 9:50 am

August 7, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting
8-10 am.
Denver Preschool Program Offices

305 Park Ave West, Denver, Colorado 80204

August 7, 2019

Call to Order

Welcome & Introduction of Guests


Board Members: Akasha Absher, Theresa Peña, Mark Goodman, John Kechriotis, Chris Herndon, Angela Cobian, Steve Kurtz 

Attorney:  Trey Rogers

City: Charles Dukes, Dionne Williams

Public: Luis Colon, Lorii Rabinowitz, Jim Chavez (Latin American Educational Foundation)

Financial Update:

  • Bank deposit account, with LOC with UMB bank 

  • Signers – Mark Goodman and Steve Kurtz 

  • Board approval needed to take care of bills 

  • Akasha (motion), Chris (second), motion carried 

  • Invoice from DNO coverage  

  • Bound through Lockton, Philadelphia Insurance ($1mn DNO), retroactive to May 8 

  • Board approval – Angela (moved), Chris (second), motion passed 


City Contract:

  • Trey Rodgers walked through the changes negotiated with the City.  

  • Motion to Approve Contract w/changes discussed. If the changes discussed do not happen the contract will be brought back to the Board 

  • Mark (motion), Angela (second), motion carried 

  • Chris Herndon will work to put this on the agenda for the next Finance Committee (presentation) 

Future Meetings:

  • August 16:  executive session, personnel

  • August 28: Mayor will join 

  • every Wednesday through October, time changed to 7:30 - 9:30 am and location changed to 3840 York Street #100

Executive Session:

  • Personnel Issues and Legal Advice 


August 28, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting

8:00 – 10:00 am

Denver Preschool Program Office

305 Park Ave West, Denver, CO  80204

August 28, 2019


Call to Order


Welcome & Introduction of Attendees

DCSC Board Members: Theresa Peña, Mark Goodman, John Kechriotis, Chris Herndon, Angela Cobian, Steve Kurtz, Akasha Absher

Attorney:  Trey Rodgers

City:  Charles Dukes, Dionne Williams

Public: Lorii Rabinowitz (DSF), Leah Gross, Natasha Garfield (DSF), Jim Chavez (Latin American Educational Foundation), Rob McDaniel (Metrix IQ), Hollis Booker (Boule Foundation)


Meeting Agenda

1.  Approval of August 7, 2019 Minutes:

  • MG motion, AC second, motion carried

2.  City Contract Update

  • Scheduled to be reviewed at the City Council Finance Committee meeting on 9/10 at 1:30pm

3.  Interim Director Position Interview 

  • G Force Strategies Presentation

4.  Presentation to Mayor Hancock 


Future Meetings

  • September  4, 2019: 7:30 – 9:30   NEW LOCATION: 3840 York Street Suite 100

  • September 11, 2019:  7:30 – 9:00 am, Meeting with Scholarship Organizations, Denver Housing Authority, 1035 Osage Street 8th Floor conference room

  • September  25, 2019: 7:30 – 9:30, 3840 York Street Suite 100


Executive Session:

  • Personnel



September 4, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting


Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

3840 York St

Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

September 4, 2019

Attendees: Lorii Rabinowitz, Dionne Williams, Trey Rodgers, Charles Dukes

Board Members: Stephen Kurtz, Mark Goodman, Angela Cobian (phone), Chris Herndon

Call to Order, 7:39 am

Welcome & Introduction of Guests

Review/Approval of Minutes from prior meetings

  • MG first, AA: second motion carried


Dates for Board Meetings

  • Sept 25 Next Board Meeting, October 9th , afterwards (meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month)


Supported Organization Breakfast Sept 4th, 7:30am location Annie’s Café (location changed to DHA building catered by Osage Café)

  • Board Members introduce themselves (60 sec overview)

  • Presentation – what accomplished and next steps

  • DCSC – One page


Discussion: Next Phase of Work

  1. Detailed Operating Budget

  2. Further identifying Supported Organizations

  3. Development of Data

    1. Required to be maintained by Supported Organizations

    2. Required to be maintained by DCSC

  4. Reimbursement Criteria

    1. Possible focus group meetings with Organizations

  5. Data processing requirements

    1. Update Website

    2. Graphic Design

  6. Contract with Supported Organizations & Other Grant Application Forms

  7. First Distribution Date

  8. 501(c)3 Status/Filings


Interim Director – Taloma Partners Presentation


Next Meetings

  1. City Council Finance Committee, Sept 10th, 1:30pm 1437 Bannock St., # 391

  2. City Council First Reading Sept 23rd (tbd)

  3. City Council Second Reading Sept 30th (tbd)

  4. Board Member Dinner September 17; 6pm, Kurtz Residence

  5. Board Meeting September 25; 7:30am 3840 York Street Suite 100


Public Comment


Executive Session (8:45-9:30am)

Exit Executive Session


Motion to Approve Steve engaging with Taloma Partners to negotiate the contract

  • TP Moved, MG: Second Motion Carried



AA: Moved, CH: Moved

  • Sept 25 Next Board Meeting, October 9th , afterwards (meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month)


September 25, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting


Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

3840 York St

Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

September 25, 2019

Board Members: Mark Goodman, Akasha Absher, Steve Kurtz, John Kechriotis

Advisors: Trey Rodgers, Mauren Stewart and Lori Fox (Taloma Partners),

Community Members:

Call to Order

Welcome & Introduction of Guests


1.    Review/Approval of Minutes from meeting September 4, 2019
JK: Motion, MG: second motion carried

2.    Reminder: 

City Council Second Reading Sept 30th 6pm

If passed: First monies October 10

3.    Action Items:

a.    Approval of finance and Investment Committee Financial Policies- Mark

  • JK: motion, MG: second, motion carried

  • Policies will be posted to website

  • Finance Committee formed – Mark Goodman, Akasha Absher 

b.    Approval of Taloma Parters Contract-Steve

  • JK: motion, AA: second, opposed 

4.    Taloma Partners Workplan Presentation/Discussion

5.    2019/2020 Budget Presentation-Rob McDaniel

6.    Next Phase of Work: Appointment of Committees outlined below

Committees created: Finance, Communication, Data Development, Reimbursement, and Contracts

a.    Finance Committee (Mark, Akasha)
       i.    Detailed Operating Budget  (Steve/Mark/Akasha/MextrixIQ)

b.    Communication Committee: /Work Plan Supported Organizatons (Talmona/Theresa/Angela/Akasha)
       i.    Focus Groups
       ii.    Website Requirements
       iii.    Survey/Questionare  
       iv.    Qualification

c.    Date Development Committee:  (MetrixIQ/Steve/Mark)
       i.    Required to be maintained by Supported Organizaitons
       ii.    Required to be maintained by DCSC

d.    Reimbursement Committee: (Taloma/Angela/Theresa)
       i.    Scholarships
       ii.    Support Services

e.    Contracts Committee
       i.    Supported Organizations-Contract and Application Forms  (John/Trey)

f.    Data processing requirements: (Taloma responsible)
       i.    Update Website
       ii.    Graphic Design
       iii.    SO Interface

g.    First Distribution Date

h.    501(c)3 Status/Filings
       i.    1023 Form – close to filing with budget 
       ii.    February 28, 2019 – Articles of Incorporation filed

       i.    Other?
7.    Public Comment
 No comment

8.    Next Meeting, Wednesday October 16th, 7:30am

9.    Adjourn

AA: Motion, AC: second, motion carried

10.    Executive Session  

October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

Denver College Success Corporation Board Meeting


Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

3840 York St

Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

October 16, 2019

Board Members: Angela Cobian (phone), John Kechriotis, Mark Goodman, Steve Kurtz, Theresa Pena 

Advisors: Lori Fox, Maren Stewart, Trey Rodgers, Rob McDaniel 

Community Members: Nichel Mulstay - Puksta Foundation; Nathan Cadena, Natasha Garfield – DSF; Julie Schneider – City Attorney; Jim Chavez – LAEF

1.    Call to Order: Steve called the meeting to order 7:31. A quorum was present.

2.    Approval of Minutes:  September minutes will be reviewed for approval in November.

3.    Finance Update: 

  • Received first disbursement from City on October 11 in the amount of $9,870,510.08.

  • 2019 budget for Denver College Affordability is $11,844.613.00.

  • There are two remaining installments for $987,051.08 each payable in November and December.

  • Expenses are due for consultants, legal, insurance and a few board members have reimbursements; invoices will be paid.

  • Bookkeeping service will start to prepare monthly statements.

4.    DPP Audit: Dionne Williams shared highlights of the recent audit.


  • Scope of audit 2015-2018.  Began audit in February, final report to committee 10/17. 

  • Majority of audit findings related to board management/board performance/board oversight, including documentation and policies (whistleblower, financial training, staff salary, staff performance plans)

  • There was a significant focus on finances, including the reserves, how interest is spent, the ratio of dollars dedicated to program vs admin, and investment policies.

  • Another area related to DDP’s relationship with the City (contract monitoring, communication, appropriate levels of oversight)

•    Board policies re: reserves, investments, managing risk
•    Formal communication channels/process with City

Follow up: 

  • DCSC will get a copy of the report. 

  • Trey will be presenting drafts for Whistleblower, Conflict of Interest, and other policies at the November board meeting.

5.    Workgroup Updates:

Communications & Outreach:


  • There will be a regular cadence of meetings pre and post board mtgs.

  • Taloma sent communication to SOs following breakfast kick-off,

  • Survey to SOs targeted to go out by end of the week.  

  • Taloma will be taking over responsibility for managing DCSC website.  

  • Taloma is meeting 1:1 with several targeted SOs.

  • There was discussion regarding a workplan for this workgroup, and all workgroups.

  • Universities might be good source for identifying SOs – they could share lists of scholarships.  Theresa will bring this as an action item for next committee meeting.  

  • Convening an SO Advisory Group may be beneficial for sharing information.

Action Item:  Recommend policy regarding fundraising – DCSC will not engage in direct fundraising.  “As stewards of taxpayer dollars and with fidelity to the language of the enabling ordinance, the DCSC will not engage in direct fundraising support (through capital campaigns, events, galas, etc.) for supported organizations.  Individual board members are not prohibited from engaging in these activities of their own accord.” 

Motion by Theresa, seconded by Mark.  John amended to delete last clause “of their own accord”. Approved unanimously.

•    Trey reviewed draft agreement with SOs, which essentially outlines requirements in ordinance.
•    Draft contains 4 parts outlining consideration from SOs:  certify that students meet requirements; provide certain info to certify they meet requirements; certify org meets requirements; provide certain info to certify they meet requirements. 
•    DCSC needs to confirm Denver addresses of students for audit purposes. DCSC will have list of qualifying institutions. 
•    John raised idea of incentivizing SOs to get matches – discussion for later.
•    DSF has a draft template for reimbursements – need to see if it will work for other SOs. Likely will need two separate templates – one for scholarships and one for supporting services.
•    There may be more than one SO agreement – not a one size fits all. 
•    Need to determine what constitutes “support services”.  The survey will begin to get info regarding this.  Decision will be both quantitative and qualitative – and based on SO’s G&A.  

 Data Management:
•    Pages 5 & 7 of Rob’s powerpoint outline basic data. 
•    There was consensus on recommendation; however will wait on formal approval until we get additional information from SOs.
•    DACA, race/ethnicity, gender, alumni status (what did the students do after they graduated/did they stay in Denver/workforce) should be included.  Mayor very interested in workforce/Denver issue.

6.    Other Items: Theresa moved to adopt board meeting dates and update dates on website.  John seconded.  Unanimously approved.  Taloma will send out calendar invites.

7.    Public Comment:

Jim Chavez/LAEF – encouraged engaging a small group of SOs on an on-going basi, possibly inviting them to attend workgroup meetings.  He offered to help/participate on data management group and legal group.  He indicated there were a number of red flags regrading the draft agreement (36 months of residency, in-state tuition, financial needs/FASFA) and SOs could help provide valuable input. 

Nate/DSF – echoed Jim’s comments.  He indicated a concern about substantiating 36 months of residency.  DSF would be eager to participate in workgroups and could help define “support services”.

Nichel/Putska – echoed Jim and Nate. Also said the 36-month residency requirement was a concern, especially with undocumented students.  

The board agreed that SOs should be encouraged to attend or call into board meetings.

8.    Executive Session:  Theresa moved for executive session.  Mark seconded. Approved unanimously.

9.    Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.


November 12, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

3840 York St, Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

November 20, 2019


Board Members: Mark Goodman (phone), Angela Cobian, Akasha Absher, Steve Kurtz, John Kechriotis, Theresa Pena

Advisors: Lori Fox, Maren Stewart, Trey Rodgers, Rob McDaniel

Community Members: Natasha Garfield & Nathan Cadena – DSF, Jim Chavez & Rigo Rangel – LAEF, Susi Urioste – Forward Steps; Charmaine Brown – Denver Foundation, Sharon Harper – Denver Foundation     


1. Call to Order: Steve called the meeting to order 7:34. A quorum was present.

2. Approval of Minutes:  September 4, 2019 and September 25, 2019 and October 16, 2019 minutes; motion by Kechriotis; second by Absher; unanimous approval.


3. Finance Update:

  • Adoption of fiscal year end of 9/30 – motion by Absher; second by Kechriotis. Unanimous approval.

  • Allocation of asset classes for mid- and long-term funds: will have a money market account and short-term bond portfolio. This aligns with the allocation policy previously adopted by the board. Motion by Pena; second by Cobian. Unanimous approval.

  • Approval of ACM as Auditors – will get updated cost estimates later this week.  Action anticipated at December meeting.

  • Draft of Financial statements will be ready later this week for approval at December board meeting.


4. Legal Update:

  • Conflict of Interest policy

  • Record Keeping policy

  • Whistleblower policy

  • Procurement policy

Omnibus approval of all 4 policies - motion by Kechriotis; second by Pena.  Unanimous approval.  These policies should be posted on the website.

1023 Form has been prepared to receive 501c3 status and will be filed within next few days.

5. Workgroup Updates:


  • Discussion of draft resolution regarding discretionary board policies:

    • Propose that universal State of Colorado application for financial aid will suffice for FASA requirement; however, form not available yet.

    • Propose reliance on post-secondary institutions for eligibility qualifications.

    • Propose sliding scale of 75% and 70% for reimbursements; desire to provide certainty for cohorts to depend on throughout educational tenure. Could have a sliding scale of 75% and 74%.

    • Propose to limit support service reimbursement to 50% of amount of tuition scholarship reimbursement. High value on support services for 1st generation students so this is important. 

    • Propose that SO must use reimbursement to expand services – dollars should supplement, not supplant resources.

    • Propose academic year defined as June 1 to May 31 to capture summer before post-secondary education.

This will be a focus of full board and workgroups in next month.

Data Management & Integration:

  • Sliding Scale

  • Residency Verification – Rob proposed several approaches.  DPS agreement needs to be fast-tracked.

  • Support Services Definition – all services need to fall under 9 categories in ordinance. Need to consider indirect and direct costs.

  • Data Policies

  • Dry Run Application – scholarship reimbursement only; timeline proposed.

Workgroups will continue to discuss these issues and make recommendations for board approval in December.

Communications & Outreach:

  • Marketing RFP – released today.  8 agencies have been identified and will be posted on website. Target board approval via email in December.

  • Survey – received 9 responses out of 40 SOs on initial list.

  • SO outreach – individual meetings continue. Desire for SOs to add value in real time to board discussions.  Sent FAQ to SO’s in October.  Expanded list of SOs to 60.

  • University outreach – have connected with Community College system; also contacted MSU Denver, CU Denver.

  • SO Workshop – tentatively scheduled for 12/4. Send info about Dry Run to financial offices.


6. Taloma Partners Update:

  • Dropbox will be augmented with GSuite tool.  Board will be able to access it.

  • DCSC temporary email:

  • A GANT chart has been created.  It will be sent to all workgroup leads to fill in with pertinent tasks and dates.

7. Public Comment:

  • Denver Foundation found meeting helpful.

  • Forward Steps focuses on foster youth. Have 17 scholars – beyond Denver.

8. Executive Session:  Kurtz moved for executive session.  Seconded by Pena. Approved unanimously.


9. Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:21.

December 11, 2019


Denver College Success Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting


Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

3840 York St, Suite 100

Denver, CO 80205

November 11, 2019

Attendees: DCSC Board members:  Steve Kurtz, Akasha Absher, Angela Cobian, John Kechriotis, Theresa Pena, Mark Goodman. Councilman Herndon

Others:  Trey Rogers, Counsel to DCSC, Rob McDaniel – Metrix IQ, Consultant to DCSC, Dionne Williams & Charles Dukes – Denver Office of Children’s Affairs; Lorii Rabinowitz, Natasha Garfield, Nate Cadena -  Denver Scholarship Foundation


Call to Order 


The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:32


Welcome & Introductions 

Review/approval of November minutes:

Angela Cobian moved to approve, Theresa Pena seconded.  The motion passed


Comments from Chair of the Board:

Chairman Steve Kurtz initiated the conversation about the need to reengage City Council on some technical clean up opportunities. 


Chairman Kurtz also shared details about a recent meeting that he and Vice Chair Pena attended as part of the Denver Education Compact.   The discussion included a conversation about the challenges of keeping students in college and the need for further clarification to implement support services.  Theresa Pena added that this group also discussed a broad definition of scholarships – including transportation, child care, mental health, etc in addition to tuition.                    


Subcommittee Updates & Action Items:


Data Management & Integration

“Dry Run” Application process findings summary


Rob McDaniel from Metrix IQ -  Rob shared the report from the Dry Run.  At the point of this meeting, 10 organizations had called the help line, 4 organizations had submitted and others were still in process.   


Rob shared an overview of pain points identified in the dry run tool.  There were some common themes: tracking the residency requirements, FAFSA information and tools for validation.   Definition of support services as well as whether support services can be reimbursed for activities in high school continues to be a question from SO’s.   Chairman Kurtz recommended that the BOD spend more time on this in the near future. 


Communications / Outreach:


Akasha Absher from the Communications / Outreach committee shared that they are transitioning to a strategy of individualized identification and outreach to bring more awareness to SO’s and have them participate in the program. 


Akasha also shared that the marketing RFP had yielded 5 responses and that the committee will be interviewing 3 finalists.  




Trey Rogers, reporting for the legal committee spent a significant part ot the discussion focused on the need to work with the City and City Council on technical fixes to the ordinance.  The primary issue identified during the dry run was the specificity of the term “tuition” vs. “scholarships”.  The board discussed the various technical fixes needed and encouraged Mr. Rogers to continue talking with the City Attorney’s office and OCA.  Councilman Herndon also discussed outreach and process for City Council.




Mark Goodman, reporting from the Finance Committee led a discussion regarding past and upcoming monthly financials.   The Finance Committee will meet in advance of the January DCSC Board meeting to finalize and recommend those statements for the board.   The office of OCA also highlighted the need for DCSC to do an annual report in 2020 and encouraged the DCSC to talk with OCA about next steps and timing – preferably to align with the long bill/budget process for the city.   A pending legal bill from Lewis Roca was also supported by the BOD for payment.


The Board approved contract extentions for Metrix IQ and Taloma Partners. 


No executive session was called. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.


Next Meetings:                Board meeting &  Retreat    January 8, 2020  7:30am-3:30pm

                                          Board meeting   February 12, 2020 7:30-9:30 AM